Americans Are Upset Over Pat Robertson's Haiti Comment

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Topic: Americans Are Upset Over Pat Robertson's Haiti Comment

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i hope this stupid robertson takes his time listening, watching carefully the news and knows exactly what is happening in haiti. This earthquake... read more >
Atchy, 15-Jan-10 1:14 pm
Response to Mr Pat Robertson: Mr Robertson, On behalf of the people of Haiti, I want YOU to know that the People of Haiti nerver made a pact with... read more >
Mireille Jean-marie Singh, 15-Jan-10 2:05 pm
guys i don't like when you are talking like that,this man can say whatever he wants to but only thing i know"Bondye fidel li fe sal vle" we need to... read more >
Sondy, 15-Jan-10 2:14 pm
I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti my Father brought me to the U.S.A because things were not to good in Haiti. I'm not angry at the comments said... read more >
Erthony, 15-Jan-10 3:24 pm
Pat is not a real preacher I think he base his comments on his nationality? He seems like a tv hostperson read more >
Betty, 15-Jan-10 5:16 pm
I don't think we should waste time make comments about that idiot comments, may be one of this day i wll say like the others and forgive him but... read more >
Thomas, 15-Jan-10 6:21 pm
wi sa paste'a di a severite,wi paske m sonje lontan lem te timoun. mwen te nan siziem seconder.mwen tap li yon live.Live sa ka met dlo nanje anpil... read more >
Makennezie, 15-Jan-10 9:31 pm
Haitians should pray, fast, and have a revival in the country ASAP. We should ask God to forgive, and have mercy on us. We need to give up our old... read more >
Josy, 16-Jan-10 12:25 am
I am Haitian, leaving in Haiti, i am very disappointed to read something like that from a "Man of God". From away it's easy to comments about the... read more >
Marc Evens Harlem, 16-Jan-10 1:29 pm
Pat your are a foolish preacher to say somethings like that about haiti don't you have a heart for all those inonsent people that died there for you... read more >
Marie Elie, 17-Jan-10 11:57 am
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