I am an anthropologist who foresaw the rise of the black...

Elias Lamle - December 17 2009, 6:20 AM

I am an anthropologist who foresaw the rise of the black nation many years ago. I told a Jamaican woman in 2004 while doing a fieldwork among the maroons in Charles town Jamaica that the black race will save the nations of the earth.

I told her that a king would soon come out of the black race to take humanity from the hands of barbarians to that of civility and peace.

Obama's election which electrified the whole world is the beginning.

A new civilisation, the black civilisation of pace and prosperity is just about to start.

Obama is the precursor.

I call on black scholars to rise and prepare the black race towards returning the world to peace and prosperity.

For the meantime, I am at the last phase of my PhD in anthropology with emphasis on peace studies and conflict mediation.

In fact, I am working on a proposal to enact a law in Nigeria that will create a monument for the African Diaspora in Nigeria.

Part of the monument will be the creation of avenues where we will have exchange of scholars between Africa (beginning with Nigeria) and others in the African Diaspora and many other things to follow.

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