Actually, my late friend Jean Pierre Pradie said the same...

Garry Destin - March 29 2009, 1:52 PM

Actually, my late friend Jean Pierre Pradie said the same thing before he died of lung cancer in 1995. He said that the Western Civilization is on its brink of collapsing and nothing in the world can save it.
Its own hate and love of power will be its counter medicine and for real here President LULA of Brasil said it.
Only if the so call "Blue Eye Know It All" move aside and let Mr. Obama and those who love this country treat the patient properly; other wise the patient will die with the US, Europe, Australia and all countries governed by them. In other words, the ship will sink with all.
Prophecy yes but we can avoid it all with respect and understanding.

President Obama is replacing bombs with books, guns with food, hate with knowledge.

he is turning the world into a smart.

We were living in a world of good is bad and bad is good as Shakespeare said it.

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