Thats really bad" Bike Trials to see a...

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Thats really bad <a href="">Bike Trials</a> to see a video <a href="">Bike Trial Seller</a> like that <a href="">Bike Store</a> .u nkow what my country need help, i'm raedy they take haiti for nothing <a href="">Bike Shop</a> i do not know why, because we never got a good govvernor...

Cocosan, June 9 2009, 1:38 AM

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Topic: Haitian Man's Hands Cut Off with Machete In Dominican Republic

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Hey! hello Honorable President Preval Rene, Please can you please ask Mr. Haitian's Ambassador & the Minister Affairs to intervene in this dilemma... read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 6-Feb-09 9:30 am
Hello Presidan mwen an di yon mo sou ple. read more >
Charlot Charlemagne, 6-Feb-09 9:58 am
oh my God! i can't stop crying this is horrible, i don't even know what to say, i can't believe this happens to the haitian people I'm so sorry... read more >
Elizabeth, 13-Feb-09 8:14 pm
Thats really bad to see a video like that.u nkow what my country need help,i'm raedy they take haiti for nothing i do not know why,because we never... read more >
Magner, 20-Feb-09 11:48 am
Dominican's are not Spanish speaking Hatians...know your history at least. Haiti was the result of a slave revolt against the French who owned the... read more >
Alex, 5-Mar-09 12:09 am
I've seen the video just over a month ago and I can tell you it still makes me cringe. It is disheartening to believe someone would/could do this to... read more >
Itiswhatitis, 8-Mar-09 12:35 am
I am a native of Haiti "Gonaives" in particular. I will pay $200 US dollars, via Western Union, to anyone who can find the culprits of this vicious... read more >
Roberto De Gonaives Rosier, 18-Apr-09 9:05 pm
I want to thank you for having the integrity and decency of posting this comment, exposing the fake nature and ill intent of those who were... read more >
Luis Rey, 30-Apr-09 8:15 pm
Thats really bad Bike Trials to see a video Bike Trial Seller like that Bike Store.u nkow what my country need hel read more >
Cocosan, 9-Jun-09 1:38 am
This man is a member of the Hibarban Tirbe. This is a tribal custom to celebrate his engagement to a wealthy family member. read more >
James Barber, 5-Aug-09 9:20 am
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