hey Tommy :) My name is jess.

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hey Tommy :)
My name is jess.

Jess, May 18 2009, 12:39 PM

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Topic: Haiti Chat Room

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You know what, I have been waiting long enough for Haitians to give food and clothing to the victims of Hurricane Ike in Haiti. I am calling all... read more >
Wood, 13-Sep-08 1:22 pm
yoooo hommmess. whhasssuut? peacceee hommmiess. haitiis cooool this stupid frennch projectt isnnnt, y0. i donnt like french classs in the least bit. read more >
Dayy, 23-Oct-08 9:37 am
I have a question regarding lots land. read more >
Mr Haiti, 17-Jan-09 11:17 pm
this is jayson from creolezone.com go check it out that one of the hottest haitian website out there read more >
Tommy, 10-Feb-09 7:30 pm
Haiti chat room is so interesting cause i can stay at home and i chat with many people i want. read more >
Franesy Bony, 11-Apr-09 6:11 pm
just stop by to show some love read more >
Robens, 20-Apr-09 6:49 pm
hey Tommy :) My name is jess. read more >
Jess, 18-May-09 12:39 pm
megustaria chatiar con ustedes pero no se como entra read more >
Martin Sanos Fuet, 27-Jun-09 7:13 pm
Sa kap fet? mwen nan zone lan, tout fanm ranje ko-ou! read more >
Mrlegrobaton, 28-Jun-09 1:17 pm
Why can't we take all the left over trailers from Louisiana and ship them to the homeless in Haiti? I drove through Lafayette a few weeks ago and... read more >
Nancy Cooper, 25-Jan-10 9:32 am
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