This is the typical Haitian diarrhea a of the mouth...

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This is the typical Haitian diarrhea a of the mouth: groundless, thoughtless, and inarticulate (grammatically as usual)

"You notice I did not say the government, nor mention I say Rene Preval."
-What the heck does the above statement mean?

-What's the difference bet. the "local government" and " the government"?

-What (expert/technical) knowledge do you have to state that electricity
can be gotten from the waterfalls?

-How is water flowing from a WATERFALL be "gallons of water (per seconds)being wasted"?

-It takes MONEY to a project such as the one you're suggesting, idiot!
-From what I know, the roads to Hinche SUCKS! How do plan on getting tourists to YOUR waterfalls?

-Why should they have to pay to see CAVES!

Should I go on?

The problem Mr. Irate Haitian, is YOU. What are you doing?

Government, is the people in actions.

It does what the people want. The minute a people take action, the governmetn changes.

It has been the case through out history.

If it's not doing YOUR deeds, you need to figure out who's ambitions it is pursuing and how can you change that.

You have no solution, you obviously take little, action, so STOP YOUR BITCHING! Or, spare us. DO NOT PRINT ANYMORE OF THIS WATERY CRAP!

Jonjon1804, April 17 2009, 12:03 PM

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Topic: The Bassin Zim Water Fall Near Hinche, Haiti

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Pamela Kingsley, 18-Apr-08 8:19 am
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David A. Rolling, 20-Jun-08 11:51 pm
waterfall is sweet. i was there on saturday. read more >
Michael Henry, 5-Aug-08 10:56 pm
I believe that it is time for Haitians not to rely on governement to do everything. We have thousands of Haitians in the diaspora that are able to... read more >
Rony Balde, 29-Oct-08 4:17 pm
I was also born in Hinche, at the tender age of 12 yrs. old my father took my sister and I, to see bassin Zim I can never forget that site!!!! Now... read more >
Jean-vick Sorel, 17-Jan-09 1:49 pm
We dont rely on the government to do everything, but you have to admit that it is corrupt and it does very little to help the people, of course... read more >
Itiswhatitis, 8-Mar-09 12:26 am
Yeah,this is saintil elie speaking:As we can see,Bassin Zim is a way where people can take a look it's seem like a beach where we can take a rest... read more >
Saintil Elie, 8-Apr-09 8:02 pm
This is the typical Haitian diarrhea a of the mouth: groundless, thoughtless, and inarticulate (grammatically as usual) "You notice I did not say... read more >
Jonjon1804, 17-Apr-09 12:03 pm
You are a very smart man thank you for this very important piece of information. As im sure most people have said not many people in haiti knows how... read more >
Mike Raymond, 5-Dec-09 10:49 pm
I know what you mean if every citizen in every town try to builds things in there town busnisses things like hotels put their heads togethere to... read more >
Mike Raymond, 5-Dec-09 11:00 pm
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