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Are you the Hermione I used to talk about the Bible with when I attended FAU?

David A. Rolling, June 20 2008, 11:51 PM

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Topic: The Bassin Zim Water Fall Near Hinche, Haiti

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Does anyone know the name(s) of any cocoa faemer's cooperatives in Haiti. I am aware of several coffee co-ops, but none for cocoa. Thanks. Pamela read more >
Pamela Kingsley, 18-Apr-08 8:19 am
Are you the Hermione I used to talk about the Bible with when I attended FAU? read more >
David A. Rolling, 20-Jun-08 11:51 pm
waterfall is sweet. i was there on saturday. read more >
Michael Henry, 5-Aug-08 10:56 pm
I believe that it is time for Haitians not to rely on governement to do everything. We have thousands of Haitians in the diaspora that are able to... read more >
Rony Balde, 29-Oct-08 4:17 pm
I was also born in Hinche, at the tender age of 12 yrs. old my father took my sister and I, to see bassin Zim I can never forget that site!!!! Now... read more >
Jean-vick Sorel, 17-Jan-09 1:49 pm
We dont rely on the government to do everything, but you have to admit that it is corrupt and it does very little to help the people, of course... read more >
Itiswhatitis, 8-Mar-09 12:26 am
Yeah,this is saintil elie speaking:As we can see,Bassin Zim is a way where people can take a look it's seem like a beach where we can take a rest... read more >
Saintil Elie, 8-Apr-09 8:02 pm
This is the typical Haitian diarrhea a of the mouth: groundless, thoughtless, and inarticulate (grammatically as usual) "You notice I did not say... read more >
Jonjon1804, 17-Apr-09 12:03 pm
You are a very smart man thank you for this very important piece of information. As im sure most people have said not many people in haiti knows how... read more >
Mike Raymond, 5-Dec-09 10:49 pm
I know what you mean if every citizen in every town try to builds things in there town busnisses things like hotels put their heads togethere to... read more >
Mike Raymond, 5-Dec-09 11:00 pm
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