My friend your heart is in the right direction. The God of...

Abdallah - April 8 2009, 4:38 PM

My friend your heart is in the right direction.

The God of Abraham will not bless Haiti because of our arrogance.

The sole purupose that The creator Created us is to worship Him. It's clearly stated in the 10 Commandments that we are not supposed to worship none of God's creation.

That simply means that God will always punishing us for worshiping "Les sprits, les super stars, les saints including la Vierge Marie et son fils Jesus." Yes I said it: There is no difference between a Pastor, a priest or a gwougan.

They are all worshipping the Creations of God. Jesus should not be worship as the LOA should not be worshipped.

For the Christians remember that Jesus prayed, fasted, and asked forgiveness from God. He went to sleep, eat, went to the bathroom also like all of us.

Of course I am a Muslim.

Do not ask me what it is. Go educate yourselves.

Go Google Islam.

I will not argue with you. I hate to argue with ignorante people.

Yes I was born catholic but I got civilized.

GO Figure!

By the way when my godfather passed they suspected that someone had done something to him, so before they put him under he was injectect with something that will really kill him in case his death was not real. His wife was not ready for him to become a Zombi.

That the way the educated people do it in Haiti.


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ds tous les points la situation de mon pays cheri est...

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