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Jn Robert, February 25 2009, 8:49 AM

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Topic: 320 Haiti Pictures - Racine Festival 2007, Downtown Miami

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Ouch! an article of sort about "Racine/Vodou? THREE DAYS! researching with an anticipation to publish findings? Ouch! EMBARRASSING! I nonetheless... read more >
Patrick De Rosier, 9-Nov-07 2:24 pm
je suis Destin jean wilner, je suis informaticien, je fais installation reseau lan, je suis musicien, je suis chretien, mon reve c'est devenir... read more >
Destin Jean Wilner, 9-Nov-07 6:17 pm
although I am a Seventh Day, which is a German religion as most Haitian don't know but I respect my religion (Voodoo) which is my culture. That has... read more >
Garry Destin, 9-Nov-07 7:28 pm
That was a great thing you said and I could have not said it any better than the way you said it. I too (as a seventh day) believe in exactly what... read more >
Blessed, 12-Nov-07 10:19 pm
I was reading the bible to my kids as I like the Salomon stories, I decided to read it in order to excite them. It is 1king chr 9. starting from... read more >
Garry Destin, 13-Nov-07 11:45 am
Salutation a toute l'equipe on aimeraient ben savoir les evenement culurelle du cote de Miami juste pour pouvoir infomer au auditeur de Radio etoile... read more >
Philippe Jasmin, 6-Oct-08 12:36 pm
read more >
Jn Robert, 25-Feb-09 8:49 am
people are just afraid because hatian voodoo. they think is mainly about death.its not.its your religon and you should love it voodoo. brings you... read more >
Cynthia, 18-Mar-09 7:33 pm


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