Its all motavation tactics maybe those who read it will wake...

Louis - January 14 2009, 5:05 PM

its all motavation tactics maybe those who read it will wake up, its like the man arms that the dominicans cut on tv, did you see it every one is so shock thats ben going on for years, and beside haitians do worst to each other they burn you alive rape old ladys chop you into pieces god knows what else, the world watches so when you go some were, youre automaticly label, we got know one to blame but are selves .so it is what it is im not a dominican lover, were talking about economical growth here, if you want to judge haiti should be a head of every latin american country for being free for so long, instead of building we destroy, even are historical sites are destroyed, most caribean countrys keep there historical sites up to date, haiti after slavery even destroyed the plantations, instead of keeping them in good care and continue exporting and build the country financialy.

so dont hate those that are doing well just strive for better.

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louis you are the kind of haitian that are wrong with...

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