Haitian News: Reference above article of Haiti being on high...

Clyde Dinkins - April 27 2019, 3:06 PM

Haitian News:

Reference above article of Haiti being on high risk kidnapping countries list by the US State Department: Whether in actual fact, true or not, that's the perception.

As things stand today, Haiti is a lost cause country.

Accordingly and Respectfully: If Haitian News "Truly" wants to help the Haitian People, I advocate the following:
1. Encourage all Haitians to immediately leave Haiti!
2. Let the Haitians People vote to put their Country up for sale to the World!
3. In the context of the Hegelian Dialectic and Clydec Philosophy: How of Chaos and Disorder, can come Order!

Clyde Dinkins
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
US Air Force Veteran (Personnel Specialist - I held a Secret Clearance)
Government Supervisor Retiree

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