To: Haitian Newsletter & Haitian People & Each & All...

Clyde Dinkins - November 24 2018, 3:55 PM

To: Haitian Newsletter & Haitian People & Each & All, Especially Famous Media person, African American Charles Barkley:

Very Good and Informative article, "To Hell with the Country: The Haitian Media loves a Good Crisis!"

Respectfully, but "I opine:" To castigate and attack the Haitian and Worldwide Media for reporting what's happening in Haiti is wrong and won't solve the Haitian problems that bring the Media coverage.


the Media couldn't report on these events, etc. if they didn't happen! To wit: The Media is not the Problem! The Problem(s) is/are:

1. Incompetent, inept, corrupt, etc. Government Officials, the Business Community, Super Rich, and others.

2. The Haitian skewed Meme, Ethos, Mind Set, Philosophy, World View, etc.

3. Haitian Poverty, Educational System, Technology Lag, Collective Low IQ, etc.

Until the above Three are corrected, made right, solved, rectified, etc. Haiti's Woes, Ills and being among the "Poorest Countries in the Western Hemisphere will continue." And with street protests, rioting.

failing economy, attempts to overthrow the Haitian Government, etc.

Though it grieves me to say it. "I opine:" In the context of the Hegelian Dialectic (Reference; German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 1770 to 1831) "a solution" is that France re-conquer Haiti and rule it as it did before 1804!

Clyde Dinkins
Summerlin-Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Senior Citizen
U.S. Air Force Veteran (Personnel Specialist - I held a Secret Clearance)
Former USA Government Supervisor - Retiree
Black American
BA Degree - Philosophy Major
Scientific - Eclectic Singularitarian

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Could not picture it better. Haitian media is worse...

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