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I came across your writing while doing research on the subject of telephone in Haiti.

I was reading about the ex-employees of teleco staging protests against privatization, I do understand the feelings of someone who looses his job and does not know how to find another one, although I have never found myself in that situation.

The telephone system in Haiti has never functioned from the time I first was aware of it while I was growing up in Port-au-prince to the present time.How can you keep a company that does exactly the opposite of what it was founded to do?

It takes an average of seven(7) years for the common Haitian to receive a phone service in Haiti.

The application are locked up in a cabinet if they are not destroyed and collect dust for years.

I have always wondered how teleco managed to stay in business amid all these unbelievable inefficiency until I discovered that it did it by charging the public for services that they are not willing to provide.

A phone company without phone service is like kentucky fried chicken without chicken or a chinese restaurant without rice, chicken and noodles.

I know people who applied for a ohone service years ago and never get despite having the potential to pay for it. For everything in Haiti you have to have a "Parain".

Those who provide the service have no respect for the customers and act as if they are doing them a favor.

It happens in Haiti and in the USA among our so called Business people.

We need a "nouveau" way of thinking about services to our customers.

By the way we should find a way to put pressure on the Haitian government by forming an association of Haitian business people from the diaspora with representation in Haiti to prevent those "Middle age era"thinking business leaders who are keeping the country inside the prison of under development from threatening and destroying those from the diaspora who really want to contribute to the development of Haiti.

We have a lot of our children who have studied hard and graduated from universities.

Those young Haitians, whether they were born inside or outside of Haiti should have the opportunity if they so choose to contribute to the development of Haiti.

The diaspora is keeping the country alive and should have all the rights and privileges, whether one is naturalized or not, of those who reside inside the country.

This is the reality of the nation of Israel and it should be the same for us. Why is it that I don't hear anything about the double nationality project?

Are they going to wait for another election time rhetoric or are they working on it?

Much love and respect to those who have contributed to the advancement of the discussion.

Do not forget that we have to participate in order to influence the change toward a better Haiti.

Ayisyen leve kanpe.

Lavenir Elie, June 21 2008, 2:06 AM

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