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Fabian Onunaku, June 10 2008, 2:43 PM

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Topic: American Celebrities With Haitian Roots

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di mwen ki kote pou al fe recherch sa sou usher a read more >
Praz, 9-May-08 11:05 pm
tell me the source that you found usher's parent from st marc i want to see for myself. give me the source plz read more >
Fritz, 9-May-08 11:29 pm
back on the day nobody wanted to say they are haitian now haiti on the map of music and movies everyone now think they are haitian. u know what i... read more >
Homie Mitch The Hit Man, 4-Jun-08 2:58 am
Ty, email me directly. I need your number. read more >
Fabian Onunaku, 10-Jun-08 2:43 pm
thank Mr,i'm happy to receive the answers to the topic since mars.The subject said i represent Haiti,is ok,but the hit man not a good name,if you... read more >
Tichouchou, 10-Jun-08 4:47 pm
are we sure all those guys are roots haitiens. I can,t believe that read more >
Nehemie Desulme, 11-Jun-08 4:02 pm
We should stop supporting their behind. I can care less about their records. If those celebries are to proud to let the world know they are of... read more >
Postide, 17-Jun-08 1:22 am
like u said we don't have to worry, I m very crazy-proud of me been haitian too I LOVE HAITI read more >
Joseph Widny, 19-Jun-08 11:16 am
se nou menm sa ki vann peyi ya san papye ya wi le verite vle pale nou toujou la pou ranse. Ple sa ou konnen tande. read more >
Roudeline, 20-Jun-08 9:12 am
hi buddy,are you doing, dont forget you from a big country.an the last vid read more >
Tichouchou, 21-Jun-08 1:03 pm
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