Bassin Zim Waterfall - a means to a better life

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From your comments, you appear to value your rare visit to the beautiful falls as a reward for having been "brave enough" to make the visit.

I was stunned by your self-serving opinion -- perhaps because, ironically, you were there on a mission trip.
Did you enjoy the darkness from a room with a light, perhaps even a fan?

The "very rough and rustic roads" you "loved" are the broken lifelines to healthcare and decent livelihoods.

I hope you will spare Haitians any future privilege of your help and stay home...wired with electricity to light your your your air...power your computer, television, radio, coffee pot, hair dryer.

As a fellow Christian, your comments made me hang my head in shame.

Pam, April 18 2008, 7:53 AM

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Topic: The Bassin Zim Water Fall Near Hinche, Haiti

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Dear Sir, i have seen a lot of beautiful places but that one, "right in the heart of my sweetest mother land Haiti". I have never known existed!. we... read more >
Hermione Joseph, 28-Mar-07 3:41 pm
Hi Woodring! You know the whole of Haiti. I should really take the time to travel around Haiti, and get to know her. I agree, Bassin Zim has great... read more >
Taylor, 30-Mar-07 6:22 pm
I wanna thanks you for all your messages and specially this one. You know, I was working in Plateau central for 4 years from 1997 to 2001 and I know... read more >
Jean Gardy M., 30-Mar-07 10:10 pm
I must agree, I have always asked my good friend, rosan, from Haiti why the government doesn't capitalize on the beauty of the country. Imagine the... read more >
Donna, 1-Apr-07 9:58 pm
je pense que ces lieux peuvent avoir de l'electricite avec tout cet eau qu'il ya il suffit d'en utiliser joh-anna read more >
Pierr Joh-anna, 18-Apr-07 12:36 pm
It is pretty obvious to see a beautiful City like Hinche to be mistreated like that. I am from Hinche i believe Hinche can more beautiful if we put... read more >
Ronald, 4-Dec-07 10:50 pm
I have been to Bassin Zim and loved that the travel was very rough and rustic. IT should not be turned into another tourist trap, leave it alone... read more >
Janelle, 31-Jan-08 8:26 pm
what is wrong with the local government. are you guys blind? you guys don't realize how magnificent is basin Zin to generate electricity. we are... read more >
Donronald, 18-Mar-08 11:30 pm
Janelle, From your comments, you appear to value your rare visit to the beautiful falls as a reward for having been "brave enough" to make the... read more >
Pam, 18-Apr-08 7:53 am
Does anyone know the name(s) of any cocoa faemer's cooperatives in Haiti. I am aware of several coffee co-ops, but none for cocoa. Thanks. Pamela read more >
Pamela Kingsley, 18-Apr-08 8:06 am
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