It is cheaper for me to live in Paris than Haiti

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For my simple lifestyle it is cheaper to live in Paris than Haiti

F Estiverne, December 16 2017, 5:23 PM

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Topic: Money talks: Haiti is losing big money by not accommodating expats from the United States and Canada

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There are lots of place in Haiti to retire. Westerners are way too spoiled. read more >
Tontonbob, 16-Dec-17 4:39 pm
That is so true! Between December 2016 and July 2017, I made four stays in the Motherland where I'm trying to have some activities that would help... read more >
Alexa, 16-Dec-17 4:55 pm
For my simple lifestyle it is cheaper to live in Paris than Haiti read more >
F Estiverne, 16-Dec-17 5:23 pm
True i feel the same. And may I add no security in Haiti scare me away. Labadee the closest for me. read more >
Franckner, 16-Dec-17 7:28 pm
I agree with you,the Haitian government need to think about that.Haiti will benefit a lot from Haitians retiree. read more >
Parfait Bellot, 26-Dec-17 5:59 am
Manti, janm konnen Ayisyen sa yo renmen dola vet read more >
Patrick Princivil, 14-Jan-18 11:10 pm
Why should Haiti allow expats to retire in their country then rub salt in Haitians' wounds? Yes I'm an American all of my life. I've traveled... read more >
Jack, 16-Aug-18 4:33 am


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