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The nurturing systems one finds outside of Haiti are geared toward success for the collectivity.

In most advanced countries and/or continents where Haitians find success (USA, Canada, France, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc..) it is understood that each successful person adds to the good of that country's/continent's collectivity.

Tools are made available for success, and ambitious members of those societies are sought after and trained accordingly.

Those societies look for winners and reward them. Success is contagious in those places.

In Haiti too often the tendency is to stand at the proverbial door, stretch out one's arms from side to side, in an attempt to stop others from entering.

The person blocking the door does not realize that himself/herself is also not able to enter since he/she is busy at the door blocking others from entering the winners' circle.

Why him ?, why her?

"tout pou mwen" is the prevalent mentality.

Too much time and effort are put into sabotaging others instead of perfecting one self. And so Haitian society suffers as a whole.

You cannot get respect from someone who does not practice self-respect.

Most Haitians in Haiti practice "pride".

Pride of this and proud of that, et pourtant.

I often wonder if we are so proud why is Port-au-Prince so dirty for instance, why do we tolerate and openly practice modern slavery with the restaveks situation, why do we burn our archives (Damien for example) and national treasures (ancienne cathedrale for instance) instead of fiercely protecting them, why this or that. So often one hears Haitians talking about their fierte being the first free black free nation...

Dessalines, (rarely Toussaint), etc. Yeah, that is real good, except it is easier to have a free ride off our ancestors' backs than to live and act up to their accomplishments and prowesses.

The Haitian diaspora's success will be respected and honored in Haiti when so-called "home" comes to the realization that there is a difference between pride and hubris.

Until then Haiti and Haitians residing there will be the laughing stock of the whole world.

(they either do not know that or they don't care; which is it?)

Jean-robert B. Auguste, January 30 2008, 9:24 PM

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Topic: Why Do Haitians Succeed Out Side Of Haiti Yet Get No Respect At Home?

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man that was a good one from someone thats not christian (that should be) and thax for telling us what we all ready know. People are just people and... read more >
Kim, 30-Jan-08 1:03 am
The nurturing systems one finds outside of Haiti are geared toward success for the collectivity.In most advanced countries and/or continents where... read more >
Jean-robert B. Auguste, 30-Jan-08 9:24 pm
We don'r believe in fairy tales, dreams or visions. In America Fairy Tale, Dreams and visions come true. landing in the moon (Alunire) was a fairy... read more >
Garry Destin, 10-Feb-08 10:44 pm
I think that it's wrong to say that " Haitians Succeed Out Side Of Haiti Yet Get No Respect At Home" this is a generalization because not all... read more >
Zopope, 15-Feb-08 7:18 pm
You could not have said it any better, and I agree with you 100%. As Haitians, we need to collectively come together for a common goal. We have... read more >
R. Montbrun, 22-Feb-08 8:05 pm
it is truth Woody the ppl you know are those who let down no matter what i love it even tough i ain't finish read it yet. read more >
Wilmise Zila Michel, 9-Mar-08 12:56 pm
Born in New York raised in Montreal from Ayitian parents. I lived in Ayiti (land of mountains an Indian word )worked on a sopa-opera in Ayiti... read more >
Maggy Gousse, 3-Apr-08 10:09 pm
Woodring: that is true and I think that has to be with the sad side of human nature that means: not only Haitian. read more >
Naomi, 28-May-08 2:32 pm
because I'think no one give haiti no respect, so it's hard to get respect from your own home. read more >
Jayrod, 28-May-08 11:20 pm
To me the problem does no only exist with Haitians toward other Haitians,in Haiti or anywhere else,it goes beyond. It's a Black issue-Black don't... read more >
Gwozago, 22-Jul-08 6:21 pm
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