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Topic: Voila Haiti - Diaspora San kat

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We as haitian Should try our best to make our living situation better. I think the the safe minutes on the Viola card is a good idea, especially for... read more >
Nan Y Pierre, 30-Jan-08 9:38 am
Buying minutes onLine is a good IDea but.. Someday I or someone who want to make millions will open a new cell phone company in Haiti similar to... read more >
Metoo, 5-Sep-08 1:29 pm
What you say is good but remember, for us living in Florida, it's easy to pay 50 (don't forget) US Dollars a month. For Haiti it's gonna be about... read more >
Pipo, 10-Jul-09 1:31 pm
Yes of course,in usa metropcs coast $50 monthly compare to Haiti 2000Gdes,but don't forget (ti peyi ti moeurs)yon koka vann $1 Us here in United... read more >
Ronald, 1-Aug-09 11:38 pm
Voila se rezo ayiti natif natal,ankourajel read more >
Kdo1989, 30-Jul-10 6:01 pm
Bonjour voila je suis Eric Pierre mon numero de telephone etait 3448 6555 j ai laisse le pays 12 jours apres le tremblement de terre, j ai perdu mon... read more >
Eric Pierre, 21-Oct-10 7:46 am
Haiti 200 Minute Plan for only $49.99 /month. Prepay a flat monthly service fee of $49.99/month. NO PHONE EQUIPMENT TO PURCHASE. NO INTERNET SERVICE... read more >
Cristian J D, 26-Mar-11 8:24 pm


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