List of Haitian NBA Players

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Topic: List of Haitian NBA Players

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If I am not mistaken, what about Chalmers of the Miami Heat? read more >
Frantz Gilles, 2-Oct-17 4:39 pm
Mario Elie, Houston Rockets alongside Hakeem Olajuwon, Kenny Smith, Clyde Drexler... read more >
Nelson, 6-Jan-18 10:37 am
Mario Elie was born in New York,but by haitian decent. read more >
Theophile Briteus, 2-Mar-18 10:12 pm
Mario ELIE is an haitian descent read more >
Marcus Bazin, 13-Mar-18 1:06 am
How about Stephen Curry, her mother Sonya is Haitian, Caucasian and African-American Creole. read more >
Fidendi Francois, 27-Apr-18 9:29 pm
Warriors curry n her mother is from Haiti N Durant mother father is from Haiti read more >
Hendrick Salomon, 5-Jun-18 7:46 pm
Is NBA player Keven Durant of Haitian decent? There's been on going discussions about that since 2007. Some say Keven Durant got the last name... read more >
Steve, 6-Jun-18 10:36 am
Quincy Douby? I would like to know if there is a link with Esnard. read more >
Gerald, 24-Aug-18 8:25 am
Mario Elie San Antonio Spurs read more >
Jay Johnson, 26-Oct-18 10:43 pm
Mario Antoine Elie,is of Haitian heritage.Elie won three NBA championships: two with the Rockets in 1994 and 1995 and one with the Spurs in 1999. read more >
Bony Georges, 1-Jun-19 8:39 pm
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