Please Forgive my absence

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The thunder and flash that night
Wiped out the dark like daytime
My cell phone has ringing so long
Delivering the stunning message
My husband has gone for good
God took away my husband
Who¡¦s going to take care of children?

If I went back,
Who could substitute me with my current work?

Three children¡¦s faces kept appearing before eyes
Can¡¦t stop the bursting tear
My heart has broken
How I want to see them now
How I want to hug them tight
To give them kisses and consolation
When back home
I heard children¡¦s shout
Tear dropping like rain
Tightly hugging them to tell them
How I have missed them
Sorry, my precious babies
When dad was gone
I weren¡¦t there by your side
Mommy, mommy, please don¡¦t cry
God has led Dad away
Let father following him in peace
Mommy, mommy, please don¡¦t cry
Though he is gone,
Still you have us around
Can¡¦t control myself
I burst into crying
Forgive me, my dear husband,
When you¡¦re gone
I was not around
Please forgive me, please do,
For this absence
is the regret I would never mend to recover
But I know
I can¡¦t be weak
I need not to be sad
I need to stand up bravely
As strong as the ocean waves and torrents
for the welfare of three kids
I need to develop high spirits
To pave them smooth journey
With both of my hands
Gone, my two weeks¡¦ holiday
I must go back to Taiwan now
God, please give us strength
May my kids are strong as I

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