the clown

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The Clown

In your imagination
World is full of joyful carol
But in real world
It is often a tragedy
Clown strive to please the crowd
The mask is the frozen smile
With the running tears hiding under

A woman came into his sight
Pleading him to trick her little girl
Who was still crying and bustling
Angry as she was,
scolding the clown
of not doing right

Went with the rhythm, danced his best
No regard to the agony
Stirring inside
Outstanding movements won the applause and scream
A smile came last
To little girl¡¦s face

The drapery finally scrolled down
Clown flied back to his home
To find the icy-cold body of his wife¡¦s
Silently covered under the white cloth
Sorrow hung on his crooked up labial angles
Eternal sad tears draped from the curving eyes
¡§I have done my best..

but not good enough to redeem.¡¨

¡§This is the world I know.¡¨
Inside bitterly he cried
Outside his smile concealed
To make truth ambiguously seen
Swiftly his expression changed
Secluded himself with his mask
To me
If I can¡¦t clarify my personality right
As not to be vague as the clown day and night
What a grieve it would then be alike

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