Really how many contract that the us had signed with Geronimo...

Pierre - February 17 2016, 11:43 PM

really how many contract that the us had signed with Geronimo and the natives and ends up stealing not selling or buying, robing, stealing their land, what about Guantanamo, Texas, California, new Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico Guam and last not least if you forgot or don't know LA NAVASE the truth is lot of my peoples have lost their souls to the white man sorry bro stupid is whoever forgot.

who they are and their history who are quick to fight their own peoples for the benefits of the colons, their old and currant master.

stupid is the idiot who believes who kept in slavery for century would ever help you developed your country.

that is stupid my brother stop beating on your peoples you re not helping no one but the old master.Peace

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Only Stupid people will think when a Country sign a...

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