Elections of October 25th or Immorality of claimed "friendly countries" of Haïti -

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Elections of October 25th or Immorality of claimed "friendly countries" of Haïti -
Three of five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations had practiced to varying degrees, the immorality of the Slave trade and the Slavery.

France chased away by anti-slave rebels, in 1804, in Haiti, abolishes the slavery in its colonies 44 years later, that is in 1848. The United Kingdom, human beings' big trade State, maintains the Slavery in the British colonies until 1833, that is 29 years after Haiti..

As for United States of America, influential member of the Security Council, the Fathers of the Independence, in 1776, had fixed a color to the freedom.

Every person in the dark complexion was condemned to the slavery up to the abolition ratified in the date of December 18th, 1865, that is 61 years after Haiti.

But, regrettably, the announcement of this abolition on the North American ground, was going to provoke the creation, 7 days later - that is December 25th, 1865 - of the KU KLUX KLAN, the sort of anti-black American BOKO HARAM.

Families were plunged from day to day into a nightmare: hung black men, disemboweled pregnant black women, children whipped at home by white extremists.

In 2015, it is thus the leaders of these 3 countries considered as advanced societies, at the forefront of the democracy, compared with Haiti, who take pleasure in a regrettable immorality with regard to the requirements of the democracy.

One will be willing to admit that the democracy supposes the respect for the laws, in particular for the Law-mother of a State.

What refuse themselves these "friendly" countries of Haiti.

What suits them, it is the democratic immorality.

In proof, the Haitian Constitution plans only a single Temporary Electoral Council, and the establishment of a Permanent Electoral Council.

Nevertheless, this measure registered since 1987, was never respected.

In spite of 11 years of supervision and coaching of a Mission placed by the UN Security Council, Haiti, as in 2006 and in 2010, works, in 2015, with an unconstitutional Electoral Council committed in the realization of presidential and other elections.

This way, the elected representatives who will go out of this ballot - president, members of parliament- are already unconstitutional representatives.

Even more paradoxical, the "friendly" countries of Haiti, including the member states of the European Union, Canada and the United States are not ashamed to use the taxes paid by their taxpayers to finance illegal and unconstitutional electoral operations in Haiti.

More cynical still, they form observers' delegations to come to examine elections soiled by blatant unconstitutionality.

The representatives of the "friendly" countries of Haiti do not either hesitate to cross the enclosure of the Haitian Court of Cassation to attend the swearing-in of the unconstitutional members of the Temporary Electoral Council.

Should one logically place a Court of Cassation established by the Constitution in the improper situation to validate members of an institution not recognized by aforementioned Constitution?

It is impossible to imagine such eventuality to the French Senate and even less to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Certainly, Haïti is not France, even less United States of America! But why this double language permanently?

As a matter of fact, if we leave the Security Council for the Club of Madrid, vast brotherhood of hundred ex-heads of state and Government of the world, we will find this concern of the persistent unconstitutionality of the elections in Haïti. It is enough to consult two documents of the Club.
1-" Electoral Challenges in Haiti: comparative analysis ".

It is written there that " more than 25 years after the Constitution of 1987, Haiti did not still establish Permanent Electoral Council ".

In the second titled document: " Recommendations to the candidates for the presidency of the Republic regarding democratic governance " It is indicated that « a question to solve is the status of the electoral Council which, almost 30 years after the adoption of the Constitution, is always temporary and not permanent ».

In spite of these observations, it is the same Club of Madrid, established by statesmen and women who, without reserve none, call the Haitian citizens to support the unconstitutionality by participating in an unconstitutional ballot.

That we do not make a mistake, the speech of the trinidadian Intendant is already drafted and classified in its folder made in USA! We believe to hear her voice: " This presidential ballot of October 25th in Haïti is a R R R EAL TURNING POINT for D D D EMOCRACY.

Haïtian people, as you see it, the MINUSTAH will always be there to keep you moving forward on the path of the DDDDemocracy" !!!

In the name of Jean-Jacques Dessalines,
Shame on you, claimed "friendly countries" of Haïti* !

Lis Bell
Haitian citizen

Lis Bell, October 25 2015, 10:51 AM

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