Haiti asks curb violence against Haitians in DR Source...

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Haiti asks curb violence against Haitians in DR

Source: listindiario.com/la-republica/2015/3/6...

Haitian President Michel Martelly urged Dominican Republic authorities to take steps to end the alleged violence against Haitians living in this country, while condemned attacks that occurred in Haiti Dominican interests.

In his first reference to the crisis in the neighboring Dominican Republic, Martelly said his government intends to use diplomatic means to resolve the dispute with Dominican authorities, and appealed for calm among the population and called to promote harmonious relations between the two countries.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic face new differences due to the death of a Haitian immigrant in Santiago, and the subsequent attack on the Dominican consulate in Port au Prince and allegations of racism and xenophobia against Haitian immigrants established in Dominican territory.

"We can not be in conflict; we have not even launched a military ...

we must work to have, at all times, a good relationship with the Dominicans, "Martelly said Thursday during a visit to the town of Léogâne, west of Port au Prince, where he inaugurated three projects funded by Germany.

The president was quoted yesterday by Radio Metropole, condemned the attacks against Dominicans residing in Haiti and warned that such behavior can provoke retaliation against Haitian students in Dominican Republic.

Martelly also reported incidents in the Dominican consulate in Port au Prince, saying that the Haitian authorities are obliged to comply with international conventions on diplomatic relations.

The Haitian government promised this week to reinforce security in the Dominican consulate in their country and announced that it will update the Dominican authorities on measures to be adopted in the future.

"We are a peaceful people, which respects human rights and that is why we do everything possible to respect the rights of foreigners in Haiti," said the Haitian Foreign Minister Duly Brutus in a press conference Wednesday in Port au Prince.

Brutus also announced that it will meet with his Dominican counterpart Andrés Navarro on Tuesday 10th of this month in Guatemala, within the framework of the Summit of Heads of State of the Central American Integration System (SICA), which will be held in the country.

Martelly said the government and the private sector must work to revive the national economy and not "necessary Haitians are forced to flee their country."

He recalled that as in Dominican Republic, thousands of Haitian immigrants face difficulties in countries like Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and Brazil.

Haiti and DR meetings held in 2014 to overcome incidents in 2013 exposed the fragility of their relations, especially trade disputes and the failure of TC on the right to nationality.

Ricart, March 7 2015, 1:43 AM

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Haiti asks curb violence against Haitians in DR Source: Haitian President Michel Martelly urged Dominican Republic authorities to take steps t read more >
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