Haitian Protestor lowers Dominican Flag at Consulate in Port-au-Prince

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Topic: Haitian Protestor lowers Dominican Flag at Consulate in Port-au-Prince

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The so- called Haitian politicians are the reason for our former slave Dominican to act like that towards the Haitian people. They are bunch of... read more >
Proud To Be Haitian, 26-Feb-15 6:43 am
That is vert awful read more >
Samy, 26-Feb-15 7:17 am
men nou menm ayisyen fok nou travay pou peyi a devlope wi epi fok nou pran reskonsablite poukisa mw di sa; fok nou stoke tout etidian nou genyen ki... read more >
John Callmay, 26-Feb-15 8:35 am
nou menm aysyen nou pa fout bete se poun aprann respekte lwa ak gouvenman nou pa respekte prop prezidan nou.... nou pat gen dwa antre nan consulat... read more >
Dj Love, 26-Feb-15 9:24 am
This is the first time a Haitian has contributed sensitively to an issue of great importance. I agree with a hundred percent in your analysis of the... read more >
David Grant, 26-Feb-15 11:35 am
Did you know that the killing in Santiago was done by a Haitian get your facts read more >
Charo, 26-Feb-15 1:09 pm
Kisa aysyen dwe fe nan ka sa? nou pa mem gen la me pou defand. read more >
Daniel, 26-Feb-15 3:06 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian. You are more ignorant and clueless than I thought. Here you are boasting about "Dominicans being your former slaves", when... read more >
Ricart, 26-Feb-15 4:58 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian. Stop taking credits for what your ancestors did and cross the river already. We will be waiting, Haitianito. read more >
Ricart, 26-Feb-15 5:05 pm
@Proud To Be Haitian. And you were slaves to the French. And Haiti is the poorest and most illiterate nation in the western hemisphere. And after... read more >
Ricart, 26-Feb-15 5:23 pm
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