Do you consider Creole as a language?

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Topic: Do you consider Creole as a language?

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French is a beautiful language. The question is like the author says, French is used to divide in Haiti. Even in speaking creole some people would... read more >
Topic, 25-Mar-05 10:42 pm
Do I consider Creole as a language? Yes, I do consider it as a language because that's my way of communication. I wish I could modernize certain... read more >
Topic, 25-Mar-05 11:42 pm
It continues to amaze me how languages that are not "officially" recognized as having European origin are always marginalized in value. No different... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 6:12 am
i myself i do considering creole is a language why? is because while i was in haiti my parents din't want me to speak creole only to the servants.I... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 9:59 am
yes.creole is a beatiful language. read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 1:47 pm
On peut pas plonger dans la confusion, la langue creole c'est notre vie.... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 1:51 pm
Creole was not considered to be a language not until Aristide became president. I have always been proud to speak it wherever i am. And I feel speak... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 3:27 pm
Le creole et le francais doivent marcher ensemble les deux tissent les parois du patrimoine Haitien je fais tout en creole et j'ecris mes lettres en... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 6:32 pm
Yes Creole is a language, but not an official language because Creole is only a spoken. Until lateley we start constructing a standard for the... read more >
Topic, 26-Mar-05 9:15 pm
My answer is yes. But in my country we olso speak french, because that the languege they teatch us in school. most of the haitians peeple speak... read more >
Topic, 27-Mar-05 9:40 am
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