I think it's good, as long if it's handle properly. It...

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I think it's good, as long if it's handle properly.

It shouldn't be private.

Guims Toussaint, August 1 2014, 4:25 PM

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Topic: Haiti sign Agreement with Carnival Cruise Lines to Build Resort in Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue)

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That is very good for Haitians like me I only know port au prince and Vicinity.After 50yrs in USA and no families left. i will love to visit others... read more >
Franckner, 1-Aug-14 10:28 am
Bonnes nouvelles mais...J'espere que ce "protocole d'accord" prevoit aussi un protocole de securite. read more >
Paul, 1-Aug-14 11:34 am
Very exciting news. If ferrying employees from the mainland is possible then a lot of future jobs are on the horizon! read more >
Barbara Murphy Bridge, 1-Aug-14 11:34 am
Go Haiti. Want and hope to see more in a near future.A new Haiti is still possible. Congratulations from Farehd International read more >
Kenol Aris, 1-Aug-14 11:47 am
"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." ― Earl Nightingale read more >
Jean F Colin, 1-Aug-14 12:09 pm
I must attest to the fact this current government in Haiti is the most progressive in recent memory anyone can remember. We can all agree that it's... read more >
Jacques Laine, 1-Aug-14 12:41 pm
Great! I have said that before when I was working the program FUSION on Radio Tropical in Brooklyn NY. I said it many times that Tortuga Island was... read more >
Jeancarlo Chatelain, 1-Aug-14 2:13 pm
I think it's good,as long if it's handle properly. It shouldn't be private. read more >
Guims Toussaint, 1-Aug-14 4:25 pm
President Martelly and PM Lamothe are men of their words... Up to now together they delivered big time for our Mother Land.... They said Haiti is... read more >
Ivens T, 1-Aug-14 6:32 pm
It's is a good idea.we think about that so long time ago. read more >
Vivian Latortue, 1-Aug-14 7:04 pm
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