Je suis d'accord mais c une suggestion à faire remonter...

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Je suis d'accord mais c une suggestion à faire remonter au ministère du tourisme pas dans le monde entier .partout il y a haut et bas c a vous de choisir selon votre moyen.

Pierre Lundu, June 17 2014, 4:06 PM

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Topic: VIDEO: Haiti is NOT open for Business, Haiti is TOO Expensive - Frustrated Haitian

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Woow...she is a sellout that joined with the forces to keep Haiti poor read more >
Annette, 17-Jun-14 1:42 pm
It is really too expensive I went to Europe everywhere the money I spent for 15 days is not enough to spend for 4 days in Haiti read more >
Marie, 17-Jun-14 3:00 pm
She has a point read more >
Wallace, 17-Jun-14 3:09 pm
Je suis d'accord mais c une suggestion a faire remonter au ministere du tourisme pas dans le monde entier.partout il y a haut et bas c a vous de... read more >
Pierre Lundu, 17-Jun-14 4:06 pm
Strongly agree! When I travel to my country I feel like getting rip off! read more >
Angie Blemur, 17-Jun-14 4:24 pm
Haiti don't open for business, Vale chien janbe ki gin nan la rue Port au prince et partou en Haiti yo se pa biznis yo ye? Si yon diaspora ap panse... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 17-Jun-14 4:39 pm
I just came back from England for a month. All of my expenses were paid by my company. And you know what: ENGLAND IS STILL TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!... read more >
Jacques L, 17-Jun-14 5:52 pm
Let me say as a starter that I was surprised to hear this young lady's speech. I will say, from the onset, that she is right. What I admire mostly... read more >
Gerard, 17-Jun-14 6:43 pm
I am not surprised of your reaction. If someone disagree with you just stomp in him. She came with her arguments to support what she said. What are... read more >
Gerard, 17-Jun-14 6:49 pm
You are absolutely right. Haiti is not open for anything read more >
Joe Marmont, 17-Jun-14 7:26 pm
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