I have been wandering why I have not read anything about the...

Chesnel - June 16 2014, 12:17 AM

I have been wandering why I have not read anything about the Road of Carrefour for a while.

I kept reading about so many projects to build government buildings that were either damaged or destroyed.

But the very road that lead to the city of Port au Prince from the South has been nothing but a shameful experience to behold.

I have been very dissapointed to witness that even after 21 years outside the country and three years after the earthquakes.

There was no improvement on the road. In fact, things have gotten worse.

I strongly believe when we will have a freeway or a modern three lanes on each side traffic at carrefour.

It will be such a transformation that will give so many of us a new vision of what our country can achieve.

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