Je suis très content, et j'envoie mes félicitations...

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Je suis très content, et j'envoie mes félicitations à toute l'équipe.

Saintilme Saintilus, June 6 2014, 2:30 AM

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Topic: Haiti Airline Tortug'Air makes Inaugural flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cap-Haitien

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Congratulations for President Martelly and Lamothe, if the wicked don't kick them out before their time they will help Haiti to be better than before read more >
Patrick Princivil, 5-Jun-14 4:46 pm
For How much read more >
Thony Thelusma, 5-Jun-14 7:43 pm
I hope it not to expensive like ibc make it fare like port au prince fly maked seam price don't keep only forever read more >
Louise Muselaire, 5-Jun-14 10:55 pm
Je suis tres content,et j'envoie mes felicitations a toute l'equipe. read more >
Saintilme Saintilus, 6-Jun-14 2:30 am
Great job, we are moving forward and join the other Islands because we have beautiful beaches and so many great things to offer. read more >
Marie Ange Salomon, 7-Jun-14 12:55 pm


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