My friends don't save your work on your hard drive, just save...

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My friends don't save your work on your hard drive, just save only short thing on your hard drive and as soon as possible save your work on your external hard drive or USB flash or into a CD/DVD just drag them into your CD/DVD, you can burn it if you want, this mean if your computer crash you will not be the looser, you will not waist your time. If you download thing over internet you can partition your hard drive and save maybe what you downloaded online but you don't have to do that, just save them on your USB flash drive, DVD/CD, and your external hard drive etc.

Remember all the very important thing you saved from your external devices don't attach them into your computer when you are online; hackers will steal all your information; governments are hackers, companies are hackers etc. Be very careful don't go online with your important private information only if you have to do that, internet is a good thing at the same time internet is a trap, poison for parents, children etc. Anti-Christ are hackers etc. Watch your Souls 24 hours this mean whatever what you're doing tell God in heaven into his hand you commit your spirit like Jesus-Christ have done on the cross, Satan and the bad angels will not be able to destroy your souls.

Witch, loupgarou, VOODOO, free-mason etc. I understand that, God give us choice to serve Satan and the bad angels or him, but don't make that mistake whatever situation say to God in heaven into his hands you commit your spirit no evil can harm you fro this command.

They talk about black hat hacker they say is evil; they talk about white hat hacker, whatever color hat hacker is hacker is hacker.

People said there is good demons and bad demons, no such thing, demon is demon.

May God bless you and give you big knowledge to watch Satan and the bad and the bad angels, the hackers and is disciples who are human being

Patrick Princivil, January 30 2014, 12:27 PM

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Are you trying to tell me that there is no store in Haiti where you can purchase a laptop or part for it? It is quite a while since I left the... read more >
David Grant, 30-Jan-14 11:53 am
My friends don't save your work on your hard drive, just save only short thing on your hard drive and as soon as possible save your work on your... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 30-Jan-14 12:27 pm
Too bad. One good advice... manage to have one extra laptop. I do not have an extra one myself but you should see me moving around with my ipad... read more >
Patrick Gaspard, 30-Jan-14 12:47 pm
Hi Patrick, I do have a spare laptop, and an iPad that, like you, I carry around like a newborn lol... But after a while, your primary computing... read more >
Woodring, 30-Jan-14 2:19 pm
Hi Patrick P. I save most of my files on a linux server but i will definitely loose some things if my laptop crash as i use it a lot and I collect... read more >
Woodring, 30-Jan-14 2:23 pm
Hi David, i am sure there are but when you live in a province in Haiti it is not as easy as driving to Best Buy in the states read more >
Woodring, 30-Jan-14 2:26 pm
Hey Paul, your story is similar to mine. If you are not sure whether your hard drive suffered damages, now is a good time to back it up. I should... read more >
Woodring, 30-Jan-14 2:31 pm


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