OOPS.... I dropped my laptop...

Trying to recover data from my damaged laptop hard drive
Ever wonder what happens when you drop your laptop in a place where you cant just walk to Best Buy and purchase a new one? Hmmmm... Let me tell yon my story while I sit here and wait for my hard drive to copy... Hopefully I can recover my laptop...

One lovely afternoon in Hinche Haiti, I decided to take my laptop outside on the front porch to get some fresh air... Suddenly I realize my battery was low. So i did what every laptop owner would do, I pulled out the power cord and plugged it in.

About an hour later, i realize it is about to rain... So I got up, grabbed my laptop to take it inside the house...

Unfortunately, I placed my BIG FOOT on the power cord... So as grabbed my laptop, the power cord, trapped under my feet, yanked it out of my hands and...

SMASHHHHH goes my laptop onto the concrete floor...

I cant tell you what I said but they all started with 'S' and 'F'...

To make a long story short... My laptop screen broke... I had to order it in the states, ship it to the Dominican Republic and drive there to pick it up...

Then luckily, I installed it and it worked... For a while... Until I started getting hard drive errors.

I know how to backup my laptop hard drive... But i never did... So hear I am... Trying to recover critical data from a broken laptop hard drive when i know better...

Has this ever happened to you?

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Woodring Hey Paul, your story is similar to mine. If you are not sure whether your hard drive suffered damages, now is a good time to back it up. I should... see more
Reply · January 30 at 2:31 PM
Woodring Hi David, i am sure there are but when you live in a province in Haiti it is not as easy as driving to Best Buy in the states
Reply · January 30 at 2:26 PM
Woodring Hi Patrick P. I save most of my files on a linux server but i will definitely loose some things if my laptop crash as i use it a lot and I collect... see more
Reply · January 30 at 2:23 PM
Woodring Hi Patrick, I do have a spare laptop, and an iPad that, like you, I carry around like a newborn lol... But after a while, your primary computing... see more
Reply · January 30 at 2:19 PM
Patrick Gaspard Too bad. One good advice... manage to have one extra laptop. I do not have an extra one myself but you should see me moving around with my ipad... see more
Reply · January 30 at 12:47 PM
Patrick Princivil My friends don't save your work on your hard drive, just save only short thing on your hard drive and as soon as possible save your work on your... see more
Reply · January 30 at 12:27 PM
David Grant Are you trying to tell me that there is no store in Haiti where you can purchase a laptop or part for it? It is quite a while since I left the... see more
Reply · January 30 at 11:53 AM
Paul Woodring... sorry for your laptop. This story is particularly interesting to me, because for the past two weeks, my laptop has been sitting in a... see more
Reply · January 30 at 11:50 AM

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