Félicitation. kounyé Haïti pa coco-rat anko...

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kounyé Haïti pa coco-rat anko. mèsi Bondyé papa nou ki naan syèl la d'après avoir ou fè Haïti vin'n yon sourit tanpri fè Haïti vin yon rat amen

Patrick Princivil, January 17 2014, 4:44 PM

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Topic: Handxom - Another Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI

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felicitation. kounye Haiti pa coco-rat anko. mesi Bondye papa nou ki naan syel la d'apres avoir ou fe Haiti vin'n yon sourit tanpri fe Haiti vin yon... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 17-Jan-14 4:44 pm
This is great! I wish I knew where I could purchase this! Haiti is coming around nicely, can't wait to bring a family of my own to see my country. read more >
Kathy, 17-Jan-14 5:41 pm
Handxom is not made in Haiti and is not an Haitian product, it is just a Chinese product and assembled in Haiti as any other products. Get your... read more >
Max Mills, 17-Jan-14 11:19 pm
Great news for Haiti this is surprise every body read more >
Robert Jean Augustin, 18-Jan-14 7:22 pm
N'ap menmen blan vin kraze pwodwi lokal la? Kisa nou pral fe ak tablet pa nou yo, tablet pistach Arcahaie yo fek update laa... Yo fel ak pwa... LOL read more >
Ldeponge, 20-Jan-14 11:25 am
Whether these products are made, assembled, produced wh' at eva in Haiti, we sure can use any bit of positive publicity... we will take it... La Paix. read more >
Al Niadrouj, 21-Jan-14 8:13 pm
Assembling or making in Haiti read more >
Diane Bony, 21-Jan-14 9:44 pm
Hi I'm dardd I have a problems with my surtab I forgot my pattern how I have done hard resets? read more >
Brinvilus Dardd, 21-Jan-16 2:32 pm


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