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Get Out, December 3 2013, 5:11 PM

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Topic: Haiti Hollywood Star Jimmy Jean-Louis BAD Experience in Dominican Republic

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The dog will be fine. You and your family... not so much. read more >
Ricart, 2-Dec-13 10:45 pm
It is thus that we can understand that the problem is not a social group or political class, but it is our cause, now it's us take control of our... read more >
Oslin, 2-Dec-13 11:07 pm
I was in the DR in 2010 to go support my families in Haiti after the earthquake... When I checked in at custom after landed in the country's... read more >
Guy Lubin, 3-Dec-13 12:46 am
@Guy Lubin You come here feigning indignation about getting "almost robbed in The Dominican Republic". Should I tell you about this time my father... read more >
Ricart, 3-Dec-13 1:08 pm
Don't go there anymore they are Criminal and Thief read more >
Margaret Wolff, 3-Dec-13 2:32 pm
GET OUT GET OUT read more >
Get Out, 3-Dec-13 5:11 pm
"Don't go there anymore they are Criminal and Thief" Hallelujah! Haitians are pleading with other Haitians not to come to the Dominican Republic... read more >
Ricart, 3-Dec-13 5:16 pm
OMG! I think he must have been on our bus! Sadly, when I was traveling in the Dominican Republic with Boukman Eksperyans, a popular Haitian... read more >
Jeanette Haiti Reads Alfr, 3-Dec-13 5:54 pm
Ok mesi. Se konsa w ka exprime-w? Joure moun embesil? Mwen ka we w se yonn nan Haitien ki ta renmen we Haiti kraze. Se sel sa w ka di? Sanble si w... read more >
Jean Alix Jean-simon, 3-Dec-13 6:53 pm
I am so sorry for what happened to you. Haitians who are living in Dominican Republic need to go back to Haiti and the Haitian government should ask... read more >
Vickie, 4-Dec-13 1:25 am
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