Haiti Hollywood Star Jimmy Jean-Louis BAD Experience in Dominican Republic

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Topic: Haiti Hollywood Star Jimmy Jean-Louis BAD Experience in Dominican Republic

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Haiti can't have an army because it only serves to oppress the Haitian people and topple presidents. If Haiti had an army, Mickey would have been... read more >
Ricart, 4-Dec-13 11:04 pm
Hey Jimmy, I am really sorry for what you had experience. I have heard lots of our people going through same thing, some even get killed. If today... read more >
Ronald Nortelus, 5-Dec-13 12:13 am
This bad treatment of Haitians in Dominican Republic is happening because Haitians have no protection from the Haitian government. The same thing... read more >
Margie, 5-Dec-13 9:55 am
I've been to Dominican Republic several times on business as recent as early 2013 and I understand Jimmy's plight. My parents are Haitian's who... read more >
Wood, 5-Dec-13 10:32 am
What you are saying is senseless, still doesn't make it right both need to go to trial that president whom ever he is and your mafia boss that... read more >
Margaret, 5-Dec-13 12:58 pm
my name is Edzer rene, I am a haitian born but was raised in the state of Florida USA. I am a huge fan of Jimmy Jean-Louis, one of my all time... read more >
Edzer Rene, 5-Dec-13 1:11 pm
Hubert de Ronceray was the Social Services and Labor Minister under Papa Doc Presidency to sign the trade pack agreement with Dominican Republic to... read more >
A Newman On Facebook, 5-Dec-13 2:03 pm
"the checkpoints are a nightmare and yes, the DR sucks big time! This was about four years ago..." Checkpoints can turn into a nightmare all over... read more >
Ricart, 5-Dec-13 4:45 pm
You said that Haitians cannot launch a revolution because it doesn't have an Army. But then you call for a boycott of the Dominican Republic when... read more >
Ricart, 5-Dec-13 4:53 pm
brother think outside of the box (wisely). why would you act like them while there's human rights around us. We should always keep our door opens to... read more >
John Emilie, 5-Dec-13 10:05 pm
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