I almost got robbed in the Dominican Republic in broad daylight in my US Marine uniform

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I was in the DR in 2010 to go support my families in Haiti after the earthquake...

When I checked in at custom after landed in the country's capital.

I had a hard time finding a taxi to take me to my hotel..

So I asked around how far are the hotel was from the airport, found out it was 15 minutes drive.

So, as tired as I was, I decided to go for a hike, plus I was in my US Marine uniform peoples would look at me but never really approached me I guess they thought I was armed with weapons, but the reality is I was completely harmless..

This one guy approached barely spoke English asked me if I was from the USA and if my uniform was real. I replied saying yes, a minute later another one came out of nowhere standing there staring at me suspiciously, I was carrying a backpack, a medium size suitcase, and a computer bag. As the guy who barely spoken English was talking to me, I didn't realize if he was trying to distract me so they could make their move onto my belongings.

One reached over the top of my backpack handle and tried to pull it off my back while the other one tried to snatch my computer back away from my body. I yelled saying "get the f***off and pretended like I was reaching to my waist for a side firearm, and both of them took off running away.

Broad daylight around 3:30 pm in the streets I almost got robbed in the DR. So Jimmy, it didn't really surprise me after reading your experience, I'm glad you made it back safely but DR isn't a place I plan to visit anytime soon.

Guy Lubin, December 3 2013, 12:46 AM

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Ricart, 2-Dec-13 10:45 pm
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Oslin, 2-Dec-13 11:07 pm
I was in the DR in 2010 to go support my families in Haiti after the earthquake... When I checked in at custom after landed in the country's... read more >
Guy Lubin, 3-Dec-13 12:46 am
@Guy Lubin You come here feigning indignation about getting "almost robbed in The Dominican Republic". Should I tell you about this time my father... read more >
Ricart, 3-Dec-13 1:08 pm
Don't go there anymore they are Criminal and Thief read more >
Margaret Wolff, 3-Dec-13 2:32 pm
GET OUT GET OUT read more >
Get Out, 3-Dec-13 5:11 pm
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Ricart, 3-Dec-13 5:16 pm
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Jeanette Haiti Reads Alfr, 3-Dec-13 5:54 pm
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Jean Alix Jean-simon, 3-Dec-13 6:53 pm
I am so sorry for what happened to you. Haitians who are living in Dominican Republic need to go back to Haiti and the Haitian government should ask... read more >
Vickie, 4-Dec-13 1:25 am
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