Vaudoun goes all the way back to the beginning of time from...

Maggy Gousse - November 11 2013, 11:45 AM

Vaudoun goes all the way back to the beginning of time from the Egyptian to Haitians, Brezilians or even the Philippines there are Vaudoun (voodoo) practices.

I've been in the deep mountains of Haiti invited to a vaudoun ceremony.

I must say, I enjoyed it! It seems to me as an innocent expression of the self through dance, drumms, a tree, arts and eau de vie. I wanted to understand and know what I'm talking about.

You see when a person talks of ignorance, its a lie. I do not lie! I learn then speak.

Now, how can you fear something one does not believe in! I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ the son of God who was the sacrifice and gave his life and was the lamb, the sacrifice.

If you believe in voodoo, you do not believe in Jesus Christ as one cannot serve two God.

In my opinion, this practice has helped save Haiti and has help bring Haitians out of slavery throughout its secret practices and secret communications however it was a tool used for communication and not to harm others.

Right now, there are secret meetings closed to the general population and opened to politicians and world influential people taking place every year at somewhere in California in the name of "The New World Order".

Its been going on for years.

In my opinion it is a form of Voodoo.

You never know, they (I let you do your homework to see who are "they") might have studied Haitian people enough to copy and in addition keep Haiti from growing any further?

Remember, God created all things, including whatever is from the dark world.

You choose what you serve, the creator or the creators slave!

This I say, in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and savior, Amen.

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