Pride and Hope for Haiti

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I believe this website is by far one of the best Haitian websites I have visited.

I have learned so much in just 10 mins than what I have learned in my many years learning about Haiti and her people.

I feel empowered and proud to be surrounded by intelligent, creative and die-hard Haitians.

I am was born in Haiti and I could never ask for more. I do not think I would ever be the person I am today, as strong, industrious if I was not from Haiti.

I would like to inform all you that I am starting my own organization soon. I want to give back to Haiti for she has given me so much. My organization is called, Young Haitian Horizon and its mission is to support Haitian-American students in high school and college with financial and academic difficulties.

In doing so YHH will aid students in discovering new avenues to futher their goals.

I am tired of hearing guidance counselors, principal and teachers telling Haitian students that they cannot go to private, Suny or pretigious colleges.

Many feel that CUNY or vocational schools suit Haitian students best. Wny?

don't they have the potential?

They too poor, or their accent are too strong?


I take it my responsibility to teach other nations who we are. And the best way to do so is through education.

To help my brothers and sisters find better education...empower with the right tools to become better citizens in society and tattoo in them the pride...yes pride...the pride of Toussaint, Capois and many more.

So I will keep you all posted on YHH's progress and I would appreciate all your support and suggestions.

To the better future for Ayiti!


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