Will Diaspora Haitians Have A Voice In Haiti Reconstruction?

It's interesting to compare the treatment of Haitians abroad and their counterparts from the Dominican Republic... Dominicans in the U.S. are deeply integrated into the activities of their home country.

They can hold dual citizenship, and they can vote in Dominican elections.

Dominican presidential candidates campaign in New York's Dominican neighborhoods and, in turn, Dominicans have elected presidents who spent most of their professional lives in the U.S.

By contrast, Haitians abroad have long been held at arm's length and even viewed with some suspicion in their native country.

For years, the "Diaspora" label for Haitians abroad was considered an insult.

Haiti's constitution forbids dual citizenship. Candidates for political office must have lived in the country five consecutive years leading to an election.

These restrictions have long been driven by fears that the Diaspos would compete with local talent for top positions and -- worse -- introduce concepts such as honest government, transparency and pursuit of the common good that have long been too rare in Haiti.

These are not my words, they are the words of Joel Dreyfuss as posted on the Washington Post.

Read his article in full here: Will Haiti tap its overseas talent? (very interesting reading)


Foreign Aid for the reconstruction of Haiti is your leverage to finally have a voice in the Haitian government, Once you are born of Haitian blood, you are Haitian. Are you going to sit there and complain or are you going to claim your birth right?

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Bernadette S says...

If the Haitian Diaspora truly want to participate in Haiti's reconstruction, the Diaspora has to organize the building of an institution that represents, as a group, a mission, vision and policy that reflecting its ideology.

The Diaspora, as a formal institution, MUST establish an accord with the Haitian government a clear understanding of participating role the Diaspora.

An ammendment for Haiti's contition to adjust to specific demands of the Diaspora such as double citizenship to fully participate in Haiti's civic and legal affairs would be a start in the right

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Jean-francois Turenne says...

Keep pushing my friend, map

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Clnmike says...

I can understand the suspicion of Haitian from the diaspora, they come from the same countries who have meddled in haitian politics and many Haitians who have commited human rights crime are harbored by those countries like Emmanuel "Toto" Constant of FRAPH.

Once Haitian in the diaspora start taking the misdeed of their home conutires seriously then I think the Haitians on the island will be more then willing to accpt them with open

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Son says...

Mwen pa vle moun di-m paske mwen fet etat unis mwen pa ayisian le-m trace famili three mwen se pou yo ta di mwen ki kote racine mwen soti please mwen se ayitian ki fet nan USA mwen ta rimin jwi dwa politik ayisian mwem tou tan kou tout Dominican yo mwen ta rinin utilise conaisans mwen pou ede peyi mwen, mesi pou bel topic sa a ou fe ke-m

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Thomas says...

My friend we can not let them do and wach, like you said in the first line, we need to try and stop their none

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Thomas says...

Woodering, i have been comment in this site for a while now, but, i can tell you, you alwyas come up with some good and interresting topic to discuss, but this is the most inportant topic you ever come up with, i personali apreciate you and your site, i can tell you, you are doing a superb job out there to realy get the haitian comunity all over the world connected.

A voice in is not enough, we should and need get involve in the reconstruction, and you know what, we are not Diaspora, we are Haitian, we should be able to RUN AND VOTE for the sake of our nation future.

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Marc Monestime says...

It has been so long the haitians in diaspora have not been considered by our politician in haiti.

they only want to work with us abroad when they need money.

Most of them got their education with our help, when it comes to vote we are not Patriotic enoug " moman rive pou sispan fe grimas, pou tout ayisyen kap egzese dwa ki pi fondamantal nan sa yo di ki rele konstitisyon an ayiti" gade tretman yo bay senate Boulos.

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Mathilde S. says...

Oh my goodness.

How wonderful that we are finally discussing this very important topic.

God bless you. I think Haitians leaving all around the world should put themselves together to have a developped

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Jean Alix Jean-simon says...

man i cannot tell you how happy i'am when you came with this subjet, when they wants to fool us or wants our help, they know us, when it come to think for haiti, we are diaspora.

we should have stop their nonsense.

we the outsiders are too intelligent for them, they wants to control haiti(haitian in haiti) let them do and

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