Why is the Dominican Republic moving forward and Haiti is not? The answer lies on the front page of a Dominican Business website

Do you want to know why the Dominican Republic is progressing really fast and Haiti is going backwards? You will find this simple answer posted on the front page of one of the most successful free trade zone in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic - This is what happens when this political stability in a country - Haiti take notice

This free trade zone found success in the environment of the Dominican Republic. Here is what they had to say about the environment:

"Excellent business climate, with the proven political and macroeconomic stability of the Dominican Republic."

Did you read that?

Proven political stability. Proven microeconomics stability of a country on the same island as Haiti.

Is that so difficult for a small group of so-called leaders to provide a country of more than 12 million people so that we can live peacefully and maybe take the the first step towards progress.

Without political stability, my friends, we will be sinking deeper in the shit hole as President Donald Trump so eloquently put it.

Zona Franca San Isidro was established on March 31, 1986...

Wait a minute! 1986...

That sounds familiar!

That's around the time we Haitians started "Operation Dechoukaj" againt the Duvalier Regime and the Tonton Macoutes...

Vle pa vle fò l ale... Kawotchou nap boule...

While we were busy burning tires screaming "aba aba... Vle pa vle fò l ale," Do you know what the Dominicans were doing?

There were inviting foreigners to come and invest in their country and they provided them with, read it again, "political stability and macroeconomic stability" and this company flourished and brought with it other successes to the Dominican Republic and its people.

In case you don't know there are now at least 75 Dominican Republic free trade zones around the country. I read in a website that there is more than 690 companies already located in just one of them.

And you want to know why the Dominican Republic is doing great economically and Haiti is in the shit hole?

I'm not going to say it no more.

You are probably wondering why I put Altice, a major provider of telecommunication services in the Dominican Republic, in the same picture as the free trade zone we are talking about. The reason is simple. That's where it came from.

After its establishment, two years later, in 1988, Zona Franca San Isidro launched San Isidro Teleport which later became Tricom. The rest is history.

We in Haiti are spending my entire lifetimes looking for a democracy where the only people who profit from it are the politicians who promote it and the rich thugs who use democracy as a tool to keep Haiti poor.

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Cosme E Perez says...

The Constitution.

There are two major flaws in it: 1) Illegally naming the island "Haiti"; 2) It is the only country showing race discrimination.

The other reason is that Haiti got her independence with a "vudu" hate. Haiti should now claim a new independence with love and the world will support

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Yanick says...

Stability can come from the ignorant senator voted in parliment.

Vote to have the senators to live among the people.

No laverish homes, drivers.

They make 10,000 us money which should never happen.

Each senator should be given money to oversee where the people elected them. Each province should have own court, prision, police dept. Let the people of the province feel they are people not just

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Subject: Why is the Dominican Republic moving forward and Haiti is not? The answer lies on the front page of a Dominican Business website edit

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