Why has Haiti had such difficulty developing? Read this...

SO... You want to know why Haiti has had such difficulty developing? Read this from Global Trade Magazine...

Since its independence from France, Haiti's development has been menaced by forces that run the gamut (covers a wide range) from the interference of foreign powers to domestic political malfeasance to natural disasters and epidemics.


The Big French debt that took Haiti 120 years to repay

France only recognized an independent Haiti in 1825 after Haiti agreed to pay reparations to it's former slave master that would be worth $22 billion today.

Over the next 120 years, as much as 80 percent of Haiti's revenues went to paying off this debt.

Haiti missed out on industrialization, education, and development of its government and democratic institutions... It couldn't develop, says, Brian Concannon, founder and executive director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti.


Big Brother, the United State took control of Haiti's security and finances for two decades in a very racist era.

The United States recognized Haiti only in 1862... President Woodrow Wilson ordered Marines to Haiti in 1915, allegedly to restore political stability.... They stayed until 1934...

The U.S. also imposed racial segregation during that time (Recall that during that time, "Separate but Equal" was a legal doctrine in United States constitutional law), forced labor, and press censorship, and deposed presidents and legislatures that opposed the US presence.

Then we has dictators and stupid politicians yada yada yada...

Let's see...

120 years paying a debt, plus 19 years of racist control, plus 75 years of interference from foreign powers... That's 214 years since Haiti has been independent.

You still want to know why has had such difficulty developing?

Read the article: Haiti's troubled path to Development, from Global Trade Magazine.

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

PHTK did almost the same thing: look at the way they robbed Haiti?

they borrowed money to develop Haiti, they stole it; Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, PHTK have done the same thing after the earthquake in Haiti ; (JPP) only Jesus can help

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Jackson Etienne says...

The answer to your question about Haiti's development is very clear in the bible, take a look at //www.fouyebible.com/bibla/nwr/english/28">fouyebible.com/bibla/nwr/english/2... Deuteronomy 28: 15 to

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Goldstein says...

I know about the hardship Haiti has been thru since the French left. Have you heard about Auschwitz, Treblinka, the story of the Jewish people since times begun?

Please read about our story when you have time, especially the last century.

Regarding the racket the French did to you, I don't understand why you built the huge fortress, to accept the french mafia's racket.

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