Haiti Foreign Affairs

Haiti's relationship with other countries: Give and Take, you give, I take

The other day was talking to a Dominican man who said this to me: "Haiti's relationship with other countries is give and take: They give, Haiti takes...

Two Main Reasons for the US Occupation of HAITI you probably didn't know

There were two main drivers for the US occupation of Haiti that you probably didn't know... Read this...

Attention Haitian Travelers, NO Visa Required for Haitians to Travel to Taiwan

Good news for Haitians who want to travel to Taiwan... NO visa required, All you need is your Passport. Taiwan is now offering citizens of Haiti a visa-free stay of up to 90 days...

Haiti government requests U.S. aid as Hurricane Matthew pounds the island

The government of Haiti has requested U.S. aid as the slow-moving Hurricane Matthew pounds the island, according to a USAID spokesman. The aid organization has also activated its disaster response team.

Did you know? The U.S. invaded and occupied Haiti 101 years ago today

Know your History -- Thursday July 28 2016 marks 101 years since the United State invaded Haiti... The U.S. occupation of Haiti began on Wednesday July 28, 1915, when 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on the authority of US President Woodrow Wilson.

Haiti Immigration - Dominica resumes Issuing VISAs to Haitians but there is a Catch...

Haiti Immigration Update -- Dominica's minister of justice, immigration and national security has confirmed that his ministry will resume issuing visas to Haitian nationals... But wait... "Not more than 25 visas per month, except in exceptional cases." that's what the minister said.

28 July 2015 marks 100 Years since the USA Invaded Haiti

Today, Tuesday July 28, 2015, marks 100 years to the day since United States Occupation of Haiti began... It was on July 28, 1915, that 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince Haiti to begin what the Americans called: safeguarding the interests of US corporations... After 100 years, where is Haiti now???

Haiti - Taiwan President MA Ying-Jeou Coming to Haiti for 2-Day visit Tuesday

MA Ying-Jeou, President of the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan, is scheduled to arrive in Haiti Tuesday for a 2-day visit where he will assist in the official inauguration of the new Supreme court of Cassation building that his government help build in Haiti.

France to Cancel Haiti's Debt, President Francois Hollande said

President Francois Hollande announced Sunday, during the official unveiling of the Memorial ACTe in Point-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe, that France will cancel all of Haiti's debt...

How America and the Rest of the World Ruined Haiti

France was not the only country to force Haiti down the road to failure. In 1909, US financiers began to lay the groundwork for an American occupation of Haiti... There was never any real excuse for the occupation. Haiti was unstable, the Americans said...