External debt of Haiti

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After Haiti won its war of Independence, the looser got paid, the winner got screwed!

Neg Mawon - Haiti Monument Here is something interesting... Usually, in a war, the victor demands reparations or indemnities or tribute from the loser nation. But we all know that's not what happened to Haiti after she won his war of independence! more »

Why has Haiti had such difficulty developing? Read this...

Neg Mawon - Haiti Monument SO... You want to know why Haiti has had such difficulty developing? Read this from Global Trade Magazine... more »

Haiti's $268 Million Debt Cancelled By The IMF

International Monetary Fund - IMF Office in Haiti The International Monetary Fund has just canceled Haiti's $268 million debt, a decision they say which is part of a long-term plan for Haiti's post-earthquake reconstruction. more »

Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

Haiti President Rene Preval EXTRA, EXTRA, Read All About it... $1.2 billion of Haiti's debt was cancelled yesterday, June 30 2009, by three international organizations. more »