Why Do Haitians Succeed Out Side Of Haiti Yet Get No Respect At Home?

"Yon pwofèt jwenn respè toupatou, esepte nan peyi l' ak nan fanmi li."

- Matye 13 Vese 57 -

After interviewing and talking to many successful Haitian people I realize that virtually all of them have one and the same complaint:

"I am respected everywhere except by my own Haitian people"

You know this is a big problem. I know of a syndrome called "The Tall Poppy Syndrome" whereby, in some cultures, unsuccessful people have a tendency to attack and "cut down" visibly successful people. [read more about it here]

This is too common in Haitian society. so I decided to do a little research and here is what I found out:

This "The Tall Poppy Syndrome" even has it's references in the bible referring to Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, if you believe.

Here it is, From the book of Mathew, Chapter 13, Verse 54 through 58: (I am not a Christian but I do own www.FouyeBible.com)

Creole Version - Matye 13 Vese 54 a 58:

54 Li (jezi) ale nan lavil kote l' te grandi a. Li t'ap moutre moun yo anpil bagay nan sinagòg la. Tout moun ki t'ap koute l' te sezi anpil. Yo t'ap di konsa: Ki bò li pran konesans sa a! Kouman li fè fè tout mirak sa yo?

55 Se pa pitit bòs chapant lan? Se pa Mari ki manman li? Se pa frè Jak, Jozèf, Simon ak Jid li ye?

56 Apa tout sè l' yo la avèk nou. Kote l' jwenn tout bagay sa yo?

57 Se sak fè yo te jwenn nan li okazyon tonbe nan peche. Lè sa a, Jezi di yo: Yon pwofèt jwenn respè toupatou, esepte nan peyi l' ak nan fanmi li.

58 Se konsa Jezi pa t' fè anpil mirak la, paske yo pa t' kwè nan li.

English Version - Mathew, Chapter 13, Verse 54 through 58:

54 Coming into his own country, he (Jesus) taught them in their synagogue, so much that they were astonished, and said, "Where did this man get this wisdom, and these mighty works?

55 Isn`t this the carpenter`s son? Isn`t his mother called Mary, and his brothers, James, Joses, Simon, and Judas?

56 Aren`t all of his sisters with us? Where, then did this man get all of these things?"

57 They were offended by him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and in his own house."

58 He didn`t do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Sometimes we wonder why it is that we can be respected by everyone for our accomplishments except by those whom we love and respect. All I can tell you is... Keep doing the right thing, why should you care what what anybody says so long as you keep doing what you are doing and you find joy and happiness in it.

I am not sure if you will find these words depressing or encouraging, I am however happy that I was able to share them with you.

Be sure to post your comments and tell me what you think and what it means to you.

Happy Holidays.


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Harry Laurenceau says...

You did well in your presentation of the topic mentioning the Biblical verses.

Indeed, the truth resides in what Jesus Christ says in Matthew 13:57. Although this is a fact with other nations, the particular problem with the Haitian people living in Haiti is IGNORANCE.

Ignorance makes them doubtful of fellow Haitians that live as well in Haiti and of those living aboard.

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Carolyn. says...

Can't blame the poor, I was born en. US and haitians that make it big think haiti is too small for them, simply because they tend to be too complicated in thinkin 1 resources too low, 2 bad economics, same theory as movin out da hood and never giving back, hint: haiti's current

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Edner Saint-amour says...

La vie repose sur deux choses: La nature qui est

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Jean Duca says...

thank s for wonderful you send God love what did keep doing you can have bless from

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Rose-marie says...

I think it;s awesome that u recite the bible about this, cause it's the only thruth.

and I am one other witness of the "no respect from

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Thomas Valcin says...

I think you are right i don't think ourselves as people succeed work hard enought yet to earn that respect, we need to start having respect for each orther in the first place, and be who you are, pride to be haitian, pride with the culture, the musics, be there for each othere as much as we can, let the mesage get to the most desprate IN NEEDS, little beautiful contry in the carribbean and send the message to that desprate contry: "WE THE HAITIAN SUUCCEED ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE STAND FOR A CHANGE"
Thanks to a succeed one like Woodring St Preux, we can get start it over the net.

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Nadege says...

i ask my self this alot and i don't know whawt to think about it, we dyaspora don't get any love sometimes, in the usa we are too haitian in haiti we are too american, if our kreyol is off then watch out, moun lakay lan have no problem accepting our money though, i wonder sometimes if haitians really want to see their brothers and sisters suceed abroad, you know how many people in haiti eating and living because of family abroad.

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Mimi says...


bonswa koman nou ye, grace ak Bondieu nap kimbe se

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Barbara says...

In the old days Canadian artists/actors/musicians often had to go abroad to get recognised in Canada, and if they had done well outside our borders, i.e the USA.or the UK and had proven themselves we embraced them wholeheartedly - go figure! We are better now at supporting our artistes I'm glad to say.

Not sure why the Haitians would not be proud of any of their sons and daughters 'making it'- jealous perhaps?

Mean spirited because they don't have the opportunity?

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Richard Lumarque says...

True enlightment is found within one's self. those that become successful in order to gain respect are far from reaching success.

We often time face envy and jealousy for what others perceive as success in us. People often time fail to have determination, ethics and the discipline required to be successful.

Therefore they project their own feeling of inadequacies onto others the fell are not any better than them.

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