Where is the Haitian Government? We Found Them!

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Haiti Presidential Palace In Ruins
Haiti Presidential Palace In Ruins

President Rene Preval is and his cabinet members are still running the country from a police station in Port au Prince that survived the earthquake.

President Preval says they are working "with the international community" toward steps necessary to rebuild the country.

We may not hear from them outside of Haiti but CNN confirmed that they are staying in touch with the Haitian people via radio with daily briefings.

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Unknown says...

WYCLEF JEAN FOR PRESIDENT OF HAITI! He did more for the people than all past and present presidents put together.

He's well know, respected and he cares.

Please no more raping of

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Charles Verlande says...

Jeunesse de mon pays, quel est notre avenir?Seul Dieu jehova peut repondre a cette interrogation.

ce que je vais dire:Aujourd'huit après deux cent six ans de liberté cela va toujours de mal en pire, malgré les efforts auxquels nos parents ot consentis nous sommes tous condamnés a souffrir regardons notre état, nous sommes tus perdus.

Ou nos frères sont tués et inhumés toutvivants, engravant toujours notre mémoire.Aujourd'huit les oiseaux cessent de chanter et les sont incapables de produire.

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Thony S Jean-baptiste says...

First do you really understand, what I'm talking about, maybe you don't,2) you don't talk to anyone like that, is like judging everyone, you say you not, yes you do, you say something like so many people call them self christians and secretly they hiding something, what do you know?

you judging, even you know something like that, you cannot judge them, you pray for them, God do the rest, you say something like you are spiritual man or woman, tout ceux qui brille n'est or, you don't warm no one, you hurt them, may let God help you when you talk to people, is not everyone say Lord Lord going in heaven, remember that, whoever you judging, like people who serving voodoo, black magic, white magic, your job is to pray for them not to judge them, it's for them to accept Jesus than you, cause they know what they was doing, they maybe pray secretly to go in heaven for the end of their life, only God knows if they really does that, pray, help haiti that's your job stop judging this is not your job...

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Josy says...

We need to worship God alone, and clean up our acts. The majority of our people will go to church, and claim they are Christians.

They also in secret are worshipping other Gods, and practicing black magic.

I love all my brothers, and sisters in Christ.

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Carmel says...

Thanks God! There is someone who shares my ideas.

The interview of Preval and Bellerive as his interpretor with the US National TV is a shame.

It is even more chaotic than the January 12 quake.

Enough is

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Thony S Jean-baptiste says...

Look I don't nothing to say, Josy almost say everything, haitian people need to pray God and worship Him alot, they need, everyone need to turn thimself to Jesus, Jesus is the only way to change haiti, don't worry about this government, this government can't even taking care themself, think in every country have earthquake their palace stay strong.

justice palace, more, why haiti had earthquake the earthquake destroyed all the government building, thing, haiti is beautiful country same time this government didnt ever befor working for haitian people, only God know everything happen to haiti now, but that doesn't mean haiti is bad country, I don't think so, bad thing happen to good people, everyone in haiti don't worry about preval government, they can't nothing, God touch people allover the wold, they need to help haiti, not because of this government, help haiti is God work by the name Jesus...

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Marie .a says...





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Truforia says...

"L'Union Fait La Force"

Pou Ayiti peyi

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Atchy says...

haitian people '
Today yes we do have the best subject in our story to discuss together.

After a TERRIBLE moment like this, what is exactly the meaning of this earthquake for haitian peolple?

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Rza says...

Hey, everyone!!!!

I think everyone is right, no matter if you think we have a government or not...

what is governments?

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