When I hear Gracia Delva, I miss My Brother

A few days before thanksgiving 2007, my brother Eddy came down to Florida to visit me. I had just bought a live Gracia Delva CD and there is this one song he kept on playing over and over again.

Whick song? "Roule" by Gracia Delva

Whenever I hear this song I have to give him a call. It's somewhat linked to him and the wonderful time we spent here in Florida and in Canada.

Is there a Haitian song that always remind you of a special person or family member?

If so, share it with us. It's funny, but suddenly I am a Gracia Delva Fan!

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Martel says...

mwen gracia delva sa mwen pa konnen sa poum fè poum ta honorél si ou alé sou profile mwen nan myspace wap wè sé li mwen mété pou heroes mwen gracia i'm ur fan forever everywhere i am i got ur cd in my bag, i'm a soldier in the us army nèg okap natif natal mwen yé bonbagay yo ahahahahaha.


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Subject: When I hear Gracia Delva, I miss My Brother edit

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