What is a Vasectomy? Some Haitian men want to know...

If you are a man, you are sexually active and you don't want to have babies then you need a form of male birth control. You can use a condom, you can pull out (good luck), or you can have a vasectomy.

Confused, scratching my head
Confused, scratching my head

A vasectomy, in case you're wondering, is a surgical procedure where part of a man's vas deferens, the duct which carries sperm from the testes, is cut off and sealed as a form of male contraception...


It sounds more complicated and more painful than it really is. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Once you're done having a vasectomy, no more babies until you decide you want to have one. YES, you can reverse a vasectomy.

Haiti Family Planning - More Haitian men turned up for a Vasectomy campaign than the organizers expected

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