Sexy Haitian Women and their Chaloupe style of walking

Question #3: What do you find sexy about

Josaphat-Robert Large - Haitian Poet

Haitian women and are you inspired by them?

We asked Haitian Writer and poet Josaphat-Robert Large this question... Read his answer...

Answer: The one who deeply adores his partner will always be faithful to him. No woman will ever be more "fidèle" (faithful) than her. her faithfulness could get to the point that she could not even think of having someone else.

But, watch out!

This, my friend, is part of her weakness.

If she goes out with a man for interest (Money, social position, etc.), she can be devastating.

For example: Matilda who takes the white man's money and flies to Cuba!

The 'contes' (short stories) and the 'histoires' (stories) and even the Haitian 'blagues' (jokes), are a source of cultural richness and of a character's comportment that tells a lot about our social structure.

For each Haitian attitude, there is a folkloric tale in which you can find an explanation for it.

Haitian women are very sexy, especially with the "chaloupe style" of walking: a specialty of theirs!

Even the peasant woman going to the market with a basket on her head, maintaining her equilibrium no matter what, delivers a kind of sexiness not known anywhere else.

Woody's Comments: My Haitian Ladies, I am going through extremes as you can see to bring you this HIGH QUALITY positive thing that you are reading here.

I need some feedback I need to hear you, I need to read your comments in the Haitian Internet Message board:

I want to bring you some more goodies, but first, you have to prove to me that you want it. Show me that you're interested, then who knows who I might interview next

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Question #4: Do you have any advice for the inspired young Haitian writer or poet?

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Sasha Davies says...

Insecure dumb

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Theo says...

st martin have a child with haitian girl and after 14 years i still crazy about she .She my number

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Mike says...

I could not agree more on Haitian women.

I have spend years and years in Africa but it wasn't until I showed up in PAP I fell in love. The biggest love ever...She drives me crazy - with

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Dee Dee says...

Yes I do agree that we are sexy. I get hit on by all kinds of guys from different nationalities.

Most of them don't know that I am haitian and when I tell them they are shocked, So yes we are pretty

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Naimah says...

I agree sweetie I'm a 22 year old haitian woman living in the U.S and I'm single and very sexy may I

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Gregoire says...

no matter wher eyou go, you can say this about women, there are some that are very beautiful and classy and some that are not, i will put haitian women under that broad rainbow of black women who have a unique beauty/stride of her own whether she is from senegal, america, trinidad, haiti, mali or

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Postide says...

What makes a woman beautiful is her inner beauty.

Haitienne are beautiful and can we stop putting each other down and praise each other instead so people from other country can respect us. I believe all Haitienne are beautiful.

When we begin praising each other than our beauty will start to shine and people ever where will notice

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M. Joseph says...

I'm Haitian by birth and consider myself a very attractive woman.

My grandmother taught me Haitian ideals.

I have dated men of other nationalities and have married a Haitian man. Even though I am Haitian by birth I am very American in my taste.

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Ebine Mike says...

beautiful day,
i have a Haitian girl friend she love money more than anyother thing in the world, actually i use to send her money and some gift all the way from cuntry Great

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Seven says...

Peace caniela, the average american is ignorant to the fact of haitian people.You are a perfect example of a true haitian

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