VOILA Wants to Make Haiti a Mobile Nation

Once upon a time in Haiti, contacting another human being required you stand on top of a mountain and screaming out the top of your lungs... Janjan Ooooo... Wiiiiiii... Manje a pareeeeee... But that time has since disappeared since the appearance of mobile phones. Now one man wants to make it even better.

VOILA's parent company chairman John Stanton wants to invest $100 million to expand the Voila cellular phone network in Haiti.

John Stanton wants the Haitian government to forget about rebuilding its copper wire communications network. Instead, he thinks Haiti should go mobile.

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  • How do you feel about Haiti becoming a Mobile Nation?
  • Do you really think that Haiti can have an economy centered on mobile technology?

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Anny says...

All cell phone companies steal from Haitian people.you start your call someone say hallo and the cominucation cut for just 1 second you lost the hold card

Thats happen to me twice, i called the customer service telling them to help me to put the phone card thru. Guess what happened?

They stole all the money and you want me trust voila or whatever company?

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