Voila Haiti - Diaspora San kat

Stuck in Haiti, No Money, Telefon Voila-m Pa Gen Kat!

This morning, I was sitting in Haiti waiting for my mother in law to come home so I can get some Haitian money from her to buy a Voila calling card.

Earlier I was on the phone with Raynald Delerme and we got disconnected.

Sal ye?...

M-pa gen kat?...

Minit mwen fini?...

Se pa vre!

Gro Diaspora tankou-m an ayiti avek yon telephone voila... san kat...

I had to call Gary Agent about his new movie project but guess what? I have no minutes, M-pa gen kat, and no Haitian money to buy a voila phone card down the street.

Then I remembered... Why not buy it online? Duh!

Does your family have a Voila mobile phone in Haiti? Read this!

Let me tell you how easy it was for me to add minutes to my Voila mobile phone in Haiti.

Seriously, It took me less than five minutes:

  • I went to http://www.voilacomcel.com
  • I click on minutes top up
  • I enter my Haiti voila cell phone number
  • I enter my credit card number
  • I pay $15.00 US
  • Then Voila!... 1,200 Gourdes added to my Voila cell phone instantly.

It took me less time to add minutes to my Voila cell phone in Haiti using the Voila Internet website than it would take me to drive to a store to buy a Voila phone card.

I used to stop at the airport in Haiti to add minutes to my Voila phone, well not anymore. I will do it online from now on!

Ou pa ka ap pale avek sipesta epi pou minit ou ap koupe!

Sa se frekansite monche!

For all of you leaving in United States with family in the 509 (Haiti), it is cheaper to add airtime for them on their voila mobile phone by going on Voila's website than to send the money to Haiti.

Voila Recurring Airtime, They call it "Top-Up"

Ou gen yon ti menaj en Haiti? (you have a boyfriend or girlfriend in Haiti?) for a little as $45.00 Voila will add minutes to their cell phone in Haiti every month for 6 months.

If you are leaving in the United States and you visit Haiti two or three times a year, setting up the Voila recurring airtime will prevent you from loosing your Haiti phone number.

Keep your Haiti mobile phone number even if you don't live in Haiti.

I wish I did that. I left Haiti for four months and when I got back to Haiti my old Voila phone number was recycled. If I prepaid for it online, my phone number would still be active and I wouldn't have to buy any more minutes when I got to Haiti. Now I have to call everyone in Haiti to give them my new Voila phone number!

In case you are wondering what will happen to your minutes every month that you do not use it. well... According to Voila's website, any unused balance remaining in the account for the first five months will be rolled over into the next month’s top-up.

See their website for details, try it now, give your family freedom to talk for as little as $7.50 US. That's less than it cost to transfer money to Haiti.

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Cristian J D says...

Haiti 200 Minute Plan for only $49.99 /month.

Prepay a flat monthly service fee of $49.99/month.


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Eric Pierre says...

Bonjour voila je suis Eric Pierre mon numero de telephone etait 3448 6555 j ai laisse le pays 12 jours apres le tremblement de terre, j ai perdu mon telephone ainsi que tous mes contacts.Mes questions sont les suivantes:
1 - Est ce que je pourrai recouvre mon numero 3448 6555
2 - Si oui de combien seront les frais et comment les

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Kdo1989 says...

Voila se rezo ayiti natif

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Ronald says...

Yes of course, in usa metropcs coast $50 monthly compare to Haiti 2000Gdes, but don't forget (ti peyi ti moeurs)yon koka vann $1 Us here in United state while one coke sells in Haiti

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Pipo says...

What you say is good but remember, for us living in Florida, it's easy to pay 50 (don't forget) US Dollars a month.

For Haiti it's gonna be about 2,000.00 Gdes monthly plus tax. VEKELE! Lem te Haiti mwen pat mem ka peye yon ti Comcel no Limit menm. Antouka, The idea's not bad but, fok ta gen

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Metoo says...

Buying minutes onLine is a good IDea but..

Someday I or someone who want to make millions will open a new cell phone company in Haiti similar to Metro PCS in the Miami FLorida area. With Metro PCS, you pay a fixed monthly amount such as $50 USD dollars per month and Epi that's it. No need to worry about the hascles of adding Minutes.

Talk all you want ..no minutes to wory about ..never.

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Nan Y Pierre says...

We as haitian Should try our best to make our living situation better.

I think the the safe minutes on the Viola card is a good idea, especially for those people who travel back in forth to Haiti.

Good Job

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